Naked guy seen in FAM.
Posted on 05 October 2011
Posted at 2:47 PM

I understand you have raging hormones, but then... please ah... control yourself a little bit... >_>

Hohohohoho, posted this to revive this blog.

- Yeezy
Youth day tomorrow!!!
Posted on 03 July 2011
Posted at 10:19 PM

Ling and Sek is feeling beautiful today because youth day's tomorrow.
Well... To those who's having it tomorrow... Enjoy!...

(This is what I actually feel like doing to you guys for having holiday tomorrow.)

P/S: To those who're first year students in any polytechnics, school's as per usual tomorrow.

Signing off,
Back to school...
Posted on 01 July 2011
Posted at 10:46 PM
I'm trying to revive the blog.. meh.

Firstly, welcome back to school..

Secondly.. Happy Birthday to Starie!!! :)

Thirdly, salmon's flying~ IDK why I took this.. looks funny lol..


?????????? Hmm.. What's that about? xD

Signing off,
It's lesson time!
Posted on 15 May 2011
Posted at 5:06 PM
Here are some facts assuming there are no obstacles:
1.If zy throws his computer out of the window to ling's house in 1 second, the computer will fly out of the earth.
2. If ling catches the computer and throws it across the causeway in 0.125seconds, the computer will come back and hit her.
3. Da bao is better than xiao bao. =P

Aoi: ktkr..
Posted on 14 May 2011
Posted at 12:43 PM
- Yeezy